Judicial Process 379 /CJ / PLS 379
Harned Hall Rm. #115

Role of the American court system. Roots of Anglo-American jurisprudence; political aspects of legal institutions; structure of American court system.

Credits: 3 credits 

Instructor:  Shawn Newman, J.D. 

Office Hours: By appointment or Tues./Thurs online here

Required Resources:  

  • Christopher P. Banks & David M. O'Brien, The Judicial Process: Law, Courts, and Judicial Process, Sage Publications 2016 ISBN 978-1-4833-1701-4.
  • Robert M. Cover, Justice Accused: Antislavery and the Judicial Process, Yale University Press 1975 ISBN 0-300-01789-8

Course Description & Objectives:

Role of the American court system. Roots of Anglo-American jurisprudence; political aspects of legal institutions; structure of American court system. 

Research Guides, Databases and Search Engines:
To be used to find primary authority (constitutions, statutes, regulations and caselaw) and some secondary authority (interpretations of primary authority)

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Course Grading Scale:

93-100 = A
90-93 – A-
87-90 = B+
83-87 = B
80-83 = B-
77-80 = C+
73-77 = C
70-73 = C-
67-70 =D+
63-67 = D
60-63 = D -
60: F

Grade determination method:

Quizzes (4+): 40% [may or may not be announced so keep up and do the problems at the end of each chapter]
Midterm: 25% - Final 25% - Active* attendance 10%

I expect students to come to class ready to engage: discuss the readings, participate in weekly forum discussions and raise current events of legal interest.

Class participation can and does make a difference!!

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