Saint Martin's University

Below is a list of courses I teach at SMU.  Simply click on the title to go to the course page.  I will post the most recent syllabus with meeting information and the book title for each semester.  I have a few general policies that apply to all my courses at SMU.  Please review them prior to the beginning of each semester:  SMU Classroom Policies.
Prior to each semester I ask students to fill out a course survey.  Please take a few minutes at the beginning of the semester to fill out this survey:   Initial Survey 

Here is a listing of courses I teach at SMU.  Click on the link to your class for the most recent syllabus and course information.  This information will be updated 30 days prior to the beginning of each semester.  Once classes begin all updates are made on the course Moodle page here:

BA 225           Business Law

BA 326           Commercial Law

COM 360`      Communication Law & Policy

ENG 201        Law & Literature

EdLaw 371     Education Law

LS 101            Legal Studies
LS 395            Legal Research Methods

PLS 379         Judicial Process
PLS 430         Civil Liberties

UNI 101          Freshman Seminar


MBA 661*    Master Commercial Transactions
MBA 695      Business Ethics and Society

MeD 571      Education Law