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Pre-Reqs: ENGL& 101, or BUS 105, with a 2.0 grade or better or instructor permission.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Introduction to the nature of law and the resolution of disputes in the court system, and overview of law typically relating to the operation of businesses from the perspectives of their owners, managers, employees, customers and suppliers; primary emphasis is on the law pertaining to various types of contracts.

INSTRUCTOR: Shawn T. Newman, J.D. 
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Book:  Roger Leroy Miller,Business Law Today: The Essentials11th Edition (2017) ISBN-13: 9781305574793 | ISBN-10: 1305574796

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Supplemental materials: You will also see that I have additional readings listed per week **please set your browser to allow 'pop-ups' from Canvas as supplemental materials and external links will open new windows when clicked on.

GRADE DETERMINATION: 700 points total

4  Exams @ 100 points/each 

1 Final @ 100 points  

Active Participation in Class, Attendance & class discussion * 200 points:  Grading Rubric:

A (90-100 points)


B (80-90 points)


C (70-80 points)








Attends class regularly and always contributes to the discussion by raising thoughtful questions, analyzing relevant issues, building on others' ideas, synthesizing across readings and discussions, expanding the class' perspective, and appropriately challenging assumptions and perspectives


Attends class regularly and sometimes contributes to the discussion in the aforementioned ways.

Attends class regularly but rarely contributes to the discussion in the aforementioned ways.




Attends class regularly but never contributes to the discussion in the aforementioned ways.

    Newman NoteI sincerely hope you find this course interesting, informative and useful. If you have a particular topics of interest or question, feel free to email me. I am usually available via email through Canvas messaging system.

    I have listed reading assignments, exams and resources for each week below. Please note that I reserve the option to modify the schedule to accommodate challenges.