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BUS201-Business Law

NOTE:  The following is a summary of the course requirements.  The actual class syllabus and all course material will be facilitated via your CANVAS LMS

Welcome to Business Law

BUS& 201 #4023 (5 Credits)

MWF 11 - 11:50 (HYBRID) - CAS 530
Pre-Reqs: ENGL& 101, or BUS 105, with a 2.0 grade or better or instructor permission.

Instructor:  Shawn T. Newman, J.D.   (Links to an external site.)

Course Description:  Introduction to the nature of law and the resolution of disputes in the court system, and overview of law typically relating to the operation of businesses from the perspectives of their owners, managers, employees, customers and suppliers; primary emphasis is on the law pertaining to various types of contracts.  Pre-Reqs: ENGL& 101, or BUS 105, with a 2.0 grade or better or instructor permission.

Email:  Use the Canvas Inbox option to email me.

Required Resources:

Book:  Roger Leroy Miller, Business Law Today: The Essentials11th Edition (2017) ISBN-13: 9781305574793 | ISBN-10: 1305574796

Links to Book - Chapter Review Power Points (Links to an external site.)  (Links to an external site.)

Business Law Resources - Optional Subject Matter Index (Links to an external site.)

Supplemental materials: You will also see that I have additional readings listed per week **please set your browser to allow 'pop-ups' from Canvas as supplemental materials and external links will open new windows when clicked on.

Course Objectives:  

  1. Analyze the sources of American Law.
  2. Explain jurisdiction, civil litigation and ADR.
  3. Classify torts and distinguish strict vs. product liability.
  4. Compare and contrast trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets.
  5. Analyze the life cycle of a contract, from formation to remedies.
  6. Contrast common law vs. sales contracts.  
  7. What is a negotiable instrument and what defenses apply to enforcement? 
  8. Summarize laws assisting creditors and debtors, including bankruptcy.
  9. Determine if a worker is an agent, employee or independent contractor.
  10. Compare the major forms of business.
  11. Distinguish personal vs. real property.

Grade Determination: 700 points total

  • 4  Exams @ 100 points/each 
  • 1 Final @ 100 points  
  • Weekly Discussions: post at least one intelligent comment at least 5 sentences long relating the article, case or video to course content: 10 points/each = 100 points
  • Attendance & Active Participation: @ 100 points

Complete Initial Class Survey aka Voir Dire (Links to an external site.) 

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Newman Note: "I sincerely hope you find this course interesting, informative and useful. If you have a particular topics of interest or question, feel free to email me using the Canvas messaging tab. I have listed reading assignments, exams and resources for each week below. Please note that I reserve the option to modify the schedule to accommodate challenges."