MNGT 276 - Employment Law

NOTE:  The following is a summary of the course requirements.  The actual class syllabus and all course material will be facilitated via your CANVAS LMS

Welcome to Employment Law:
  Human Resource Legal Issues

MNGT 276 (5 Credits)

Jan 22 2018  -  Mar. 23, 2018

Instructor:  Shawn T. Newman, J.D.   (Links to an external site.)

Course Description:  Overview of major common employment-related laws, workplace legal issues, statutory and regulatory concepts governing the employment relationship, and development of skills supporting legal actions pertaining to that relationship.

Pre-Reqs: ENGL& 101, or BUS 105, with a 2.0 grade or better or instructor permission.

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Required Resources:

Book:  TBA

Links to Book -   TBA 

Business Law Resources - Optional Subject Matter Index (Links to an external site.)

Supplemental materials: You will also see that I have additional readings listed per week **please set your browser to allow 'pop-ups' from Canvas as supplemental materials and external links will open new windows when clicked on.

Course Objectives:  TBA

Grade Determination: 700 points total

  • 4  Exams @ 100 points/each 
  • 1 Final @ 100 points  
  • Weekly Discussions: post at least one intelligent comment at least 5 sentences long relating the article, case or video to course content: 10 points/each = 100 points
  • Attendance & Active Participation: @ 100 points

Complete Initial Class Survey aka Voir Dire (Links to an external site.) 

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Newman Note: "I sincerely hope you find this course interesting, informative and useful. If you have a particular topics of interest or question, feel free to email me using the Canvas messaging tab. I have listed reading assignments, exams and resources for each week below. Please note that I reserve the option to modify the schedule to accommodate challenges."