Where is my syllabus?

General information and resource links will be listed on 'professornewmanonline.'  Each syallabus will be posted online using the LMS.    SMU uses Moodle, while SPSCC uses the Angel platform.  Once the semesters begin all updates and course assignments will be made through the respective LMS. 

Contact Me

You may contact me directly using my my faculty email address your university.  I can be reached at:

You can help me continue to modify my instruction material bases on inquires by using this form:
"Ask Professor Newman"  to submit questions regarding course material or assignments. 

If it is an urgent matter and you need to speak with me you may call my office at 360.866.2322.  Please only use that number for emergent situations as it is my business line. 

Technical Issues?

Some of my classes will be using the hybrid format where we will hold virtual classes online via Adobe Connect.